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Exercise in Node.js

A Task Runner is a build system that can be used for task automation. It can be used to minify and combine JavaScript, preprocess CSS via SASS or LESS, copy vendor assets from package managers like NPM, and more.

And why all the noise?

sass: {
    dist: {
        options: {
            outputStyle: 'compressed',
            sourceMap: true
        dest: buildConfig.dist.styles,

Is it really that tasty?

gulp.task('styles', function (cb) {
            outputStyle: 'compressed'
    ], cb);

Get It Together, Man!

A Bundler is a tool in a build chain that gathers multiple files together and bundles them into components.


entry: {
    app: + 'app.jsx'
output: {
    filename: '[name].min.js',
    path: buildConfig.dist.basePath

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Brandon Martinez | | @brandonmartinez

Skyline Technologies (We're Hiring!) | | @skylinetweets